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Setting up your league in BallStat

Setting up your league in BallStat is an important first step before scoring any games with BallScore. The database you create will hold all of the statistics that will be created when you score a game with BallScore. To create your league database follow the steps below.

Run the Create League Wizard

Select File/Create new league from the main Ballstat menu. Each screen and the entries you need to make are explained below.

Note: If you've never created a league in BallStat before the Wizard will start automatically the first time you run BallStat.

  Enter League Name

Enter a name for your league up to 30 characters long. Avoid using special characters such as slashes and quotes. This name will be used to create certain file names which cannot contain illegal characters. If you are doing a MLB replay you can click the Major League Baseball Replay button then enter the year of your replay. Click Next when finished.

  Select Game Length

Select the normal length of a game in your league. This setting will be used to calculate certain pitching statistics such as ERA and Base Runners allowed per # of innings. Click Next when finished.

  Enter Divisions

Enter the names of any divisions within your league using up to 30 characters per division. For MLB replays you may click one of the MLB buttons to have BallStat enter the divisions for you. Note that you only need one league to hold both the AL and NL teams. Simply enter all the divisions you will need for both leagues.

  Select League Path

The path you enter here is where your league database will be stored on your hard disk. Click Browse to select an existing folder or enter your own folder path. If the path does not exist then BallStat will create it. A default folder will be supplied for you based on the name of your league. You can modify this path if you like. Click Next when finished. Click Yes if you are asked to create the folder.

It is recommended that you store your league in the BallStat folder located in your documents folder. This will make backing up and restoring a snap.

For example,

Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\BallStat\Your League
Windows Vista - C:\User\Owner\Documents\BallStat\Your League

  Finish and Save League

All the information you entered on the previous screens will be listed here. To change any of this information click the Back button. If  all the information is correct then click Finish. When you are asked to set the default paths for reports to your new league it is recommended that you click Yes

Click Ok to exit BallStat. BallStat should re-start automatically with your new league database loaded and ready to go. If you are using BallScore to score your games then DO NOT use BallStat to create teams and players. Teams and players will be added to the database automatically when you export your scoresheets from BallScore to BallStat. Do not create any reports in Ballstat until you have imported at least 1 game from BallScore. Team and player data are needed to correctly configure reports and there is no data available yet. 

Important Tip: In case you ever want to rebuild your league using the BallScore scorebook batch mode an empty backup of your league will be created automatically.  To rebuild later, simply restore your empty backup before batching your scorebooks. BallStat supports unlimited backup files.

The next step is to configure BallScore to work in conjunction with BallStat. To configure BallScore click here.

If you are going to use BallStat to enter data manually then you need to add your teams & players in BallStat first. Do not use the links below if you are using BallScore to score your games.

Add Teams
Add Players
Add Games