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Adding teams

If you are going to use BallScore to score your games then teams will be added when importing your first game into BallStat, do not use the method below. This method should only be used if you are not using BallScore.

BallStat supports an unlimited number of teams in each league. 

To add a team to your league if scoring with BallStat then follow the steps below: 

1. Select Add/Team from the main menu. 

2. Enter a name for your team in the space provided.

3. Enter a 3 letter abbreviation for your team in the space provided.

4. Enter the name of your home field in the space provided.

5. If you entered divisions when creating your league select the division from the drop down box.

6. Click Save

Your team has been saved to disk. You can choose to add more teams or exit. You are now ready to add players to your team.