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Individual Report Wizard

Note: Many individual reports can now be created automatically by the Custom Report Maker.

Use the Report Wizard to create pre-defined reports for any single player. The Wizard makes creating these reports fast and easy.

To use the Report Wizard you must have already loaded your individual data into memory by opening any individual report. Follow the simple steps below to create any of the useful Wizard reports.

1. Start the Wizard by clicking the Wizard button on the tool bar or by selecting Reports\Individual Report Wizard from the main menu.

2. Select the player you wish to make a Wizard report for and click the Next button.

3. Select the type of report you want to create and click the Next button.

4. Enter a title for the report or simply use the suggested title. You can also check the Use last name only box to use only the players last name in the title. After you have decided on a title click the Finish button and your report will be created automatically.

The finished report will now appear on the screen. The report has not yet been saved to disk so you can make any changes you like such as a different title or adding and deleting stats. Click the Save button to save the report. The report will now appear with all the other individual reports. From now on you can open the report and the correct data will display.  Please note that the correct macro was recorded automatically, saved to disk and attached to the report. If you ever create the exact same report for the exact same player later you will be asked if you want to overwrite the previous macro. Click Yes