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Leader Report Stat Attributes

Double click a stat on the Leader Report Setup screen to set each stats attributes.

Sort order

Which button you select here will determine how the selected stat will be sorted on the leader report. Select Ascending to list the lowest value first. Select Descending to list the highest value first. Descending is the default and should be used for most stats.


Here you can determine which players to include for the selected stat. First you must select which stat you are going to use as the qualifying key. Note that usually the key will be the same as the selected stat itself so this is the default.

If you want to change the key select the stat by clicking either the Bat, Pit,Fld or User button. Then select the stat from the resulting display box. You can now make an entry for Minimum to qualify. The default here is 1.
Here are 2 examples, one for AB (At bats) and one for BA (Batting average):

At bats - For at bats you would most likely want to qualify with at bats as the key. So you actually wouldn't have to change anything unless you want to raise the minimum number of at bats to qualify. If you set the minimum to 50, only players with at least 50 at bats would be eligible to be included in the leader report.

Batting average - Batting average would be slightly different. You probably don't want to use BA as the key although you could. You most likely would want to use AB as the key so click the Bat button and select AB At Bats. Say you only want players with at least 10 AB bats in the report so you enter 10 under Minimum to qualify. Now when you display the leader report only players with 10 or more AB will be eligible to be included under the Batting Average Stat.  


Click this button to save any changes you made for the selected stats attributes.


Click this button to delete the selected stat from the leader report.