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Sorting records


Note: Using a sort element in a macro is no longer needed. A sort key for each report can now be set using th Report Properties dialog. 

Sorting records is the process of arranging your data by a sort key. You can sort any stat included in the program, including personal and user-defined data, in either ascending (a-z) or descending (z-a) order. The status bar at the bottom of the screen will always show the order that your data will be sorted in when you perform your next sort. The sort order and the sort key can both be selected from the sort menu located on the main menu bar. You may also sort by moving your mouse over the stat you want to use as a key, left click, then select sort. 

To sort by a certain stat

1) Select Macros/Sort from the main menu.
2) Select the stat type you want to sort by (Batting,Pitching,etc).
3) Select the stat you want to sort by (BA,R,H,etc) and click OK.


1) Move the mouse cursor over the stat title on the report that you want to sort by.
2) Left click the mouse and select Sort.