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Printer Queue

  Using the printer queue

1. Select File\Printer queue... from the main menu.

2. Select a report to add to the queue with one of the three Add.. buttons on the right. You can also clear the entire queue by clicking the Clear queue button. To clear a single report, select the report in the list box and click Remove report from queue.

3. When you are sure all the reports you want to process are in the queue, click the Run queue button. Note that this button will be grayed out if the proper data is not already loaded into memory.

Please note that to run a large queue with a printer you must be using some kind of spooling program. Windows by default will use its own spooler unless you manually disabled it. Depending on which printer you are using the printer may also use its own spooler. Some printers will process the spool much more efficiently than others. Go to Print Manager to change your spooling settings. You should also make sure that you have enough hard disk space to store the spool as Ballstat quickly creates each report and sends it to the spooler.