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Qualifying records

Qualifying records is the process of hiding records based on input you give to the program. Usually this is done by you supplying a minimum or maximum number to the program. A simple example would be to qualify by a minimum of 1 at bat. This would hide all records that did not have at least 1 at bat. You may also supply a maximum so you can derive a complete range of records to qualify. If you supply 10 at bats as a minimum and 55 at bats as a maximum the program will hide all records below 10 at bats and all records above 55 at bats. You can qualify on any stat included with the program including personal and user-defined data. The stat you want to qualify with can be selected from the Macro/Qualify menu located on the main menu bar. You may also qualify by moving your mouse over the stat you want to use as a key, left click, then select Qualify.