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Creating macros

A Macro is a report that also remembers all the functions you used to create that report. Once you learn to create your own macros you will see what a time-saver they can be. To create a macro you simply turn the macro recorder on then use the include, exclude, qualify, compress or sort functions to create the report you like. When finished, turn the recorder off and give the macro a name. A recorded macro can be attached to a report and will be executed every time the report is opened.

Macros are where the power of BallStat lies. It is through the use of macros that you are able to create the complex reports that no other stat management program offers. BallStat comes with some macros that are ready to use. Load your individuals into memory by selecting a total, an individual or game report.

Starting the macro recorder

Load your data into memory and select Macro\Turn macro record on from the menu bar. Use the include, exclude, qualify, compress and sort functions to create the complex report that you want. When you are done creating the report select Macro\Turn macro record off and give your macro a title.
If you want the macro title and the stat headings to be used whenever you run this macro, check the Save report title and stat headings with this macro box. If this box is checked then the macro will be a Display macro or a complete report. If you do not check this box the macro will be a Time saving macro. Time saving macros do not replace the report title and stat headings when run. Use time saving macros with functions that filter reports such as qualifying by 1 at bat or 1 inning pitched.

Editing Macro Titles 
Once a macro has been created you can change the title of the macro. Note that you cannot change the properties of an existing macro, just the title. To change the properties of an individual macro you can use the Macro Editor.

1. Select Macros from the main menu.
2. Select the type of macro you want to change the title for. (Totals,Individuals,Games)
3. Double-click the macro title you want to change.
4. Enter the new title and click Ok.

You can delete a macro with Edit\Delete\Undelete from the main menu. To change the properties of a macro you must record the macro again or for individual macros, use the Macro Editor.