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Report Logos

About logos

You can display and print most of the more popular image formats on any report as a logo. The logo will always be displayed in the upper left corner of a report. The logo can be made larger or smaller and the rest of the report will be re-formatted automatically. Each report can contain its own logo and the full path to each logo  file will be remembered by the program. Reports that contain a logo will still be shown on the screen exactly as they will appear when printed. 

Adding logos

Open the report you wish to add a logo to then select Report/Format/Add logo from the main menu. Use the file box to browse to the image file you want, select it, then click OK. The logo will then appear in the upper left corner in its default size. Some of the supported image formats are BMP,JPG,GIF,PCX,TIFF,TLA plus more. Note: When creating HTML reports from a standard report the logo will always be created as a JPG, the most popular internet format.

Removing logos

Select Report/Format/Remove logo from the main menu and the logo will be removed from the report. 

Sizing logos

To increase the size of your logo select Report/Format/Increase logo size from the main menu.
To decrease the size of your logo select Report/Format/Decrease logo size from the main menu.
You can also position the mouse cursor over the logo until the cursor changes into the shape of a mouse. Then left click to increase the size or right click to decrease the size of the logo. To restore the logo to its original size select Report/Format/Default logo size from the main menu.