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Setup Leader Report

Note: Leader Reports can now be made automatically with the Custom Report Maker.

Leader report setup is accessed from the Report Properties dialog by clicking the Leaders tab or by selecting Leaders/Setup leader report from the main menu.

The function of each button on the Leader Setup screen:

Select the leaders report that you want to display from this box. The first time you use BallStat this box will be empty, click the New button to create a leaders report. 

  Select stat
Before you select a stat you have to decide where you want to insert it. Click on an existing stat in the Current stats box to highlight it. Now in the Insert box select either Before, After or End. Select the stat you want to include in the leader report by clicking either the Batting, Pitching, Fielding or User button. Select the stat to include and click Ok. You can then set the attributes  for the inserted stat.

  Current stats
This box shows all the stats that are currently included in the selected leader report.  Double-click any stat to set the attributes for that stat.

Use this box to set the number of columns you want to display across the screen on the leader report. The smaller the font the more columns you will be able to use. 

Select the number of players you want to include in the leader report. You can display up to the top 50 players in any leader report.

  Use players first initial only
Check this box if you want to display a players fist initial only instead of their full first name. 

If you select Before, a new stat will be inserted before the stat highlighted in the Current stats box.
If you select After, a new stat will be inserted after the stat  in the Current stats box.
If you select End, a new stat will be inserted at the end of the report.

Click this button to start a new leader report from scratch.

Click this button to accept any changes you made.

Click this button to exit without saving any changes.

Most leader report functions can be selected by clicking the right mouse button anywhere on the report.