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Edit team

If you are using Direct Export with BallScore you must make sure this team name matches the team name of your BallScore roster.

You may change any of your team attributes anytime after your team has been created.

  Select team - Click to select another team to edit.

  Prev - Click to edit the previous team in your league.

  Next - Click to edit the next team in your league

  Edit players - Click to edit the players on this team.

  Delete\Undelete - Click to delete or undelete this team. You will have to reload any data in memory for the change to take affect.

  Set team coaches - Click to edit your manager and coaches personal information.

  Comments - Click to save any comments about this team. Windows notepad will open to a pre-set file name. Type any comments you have and save the comments to disk. DO NOT change the pre-set file name. Use Save, not Save as.

  Save - Save any changes to disk.

  Cancel  - Leave this screen without saving any changes you made.