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Compressing records

Compressing records is the process of combining like records according to a key you select. You compress records by selecting Compress records  from the sort menu located on the main menu bar. The key you will select to compress the records on will strictly depend on the type of report you are trying to create. You will usually use compression when working with individual and game records that are loaded in memory. Compression is where the real power of BallStat shines.

To compress records in memory

1. Select Macros\Sort\Compress from the main menu.
2. Select the key you want to compress the records on.

After compressing data you will usually need to sort the records and make sure the appropriate stat title is in the report. After compressing data some stat titles will not be appropriate to have in your report. You will almost always want to sort the resulting report by player name after compressing data. Below are tips for meeting these requirements.

Key     Required stat title... Titles that will be useless.... 
Game    None    None 
Date    Date    Most non-numerical stats 
Database   Database   Most non-numerical stats 
Lineup           Starting lineup  Most non-numerical stats 
Opposing pitcher  Opposing pitcher  Most non-numerical stats 
Location   Game location           Most non-numerical stats 
Batting order position BOP             Most non-numerical stats 
Opponent   Game opponent  Most non-numerical stats 
Home\Away   Place of game (H/A)  Most non-numerical stats 
Day\Night   Time of game (D/N)  Most non-numerical stats 
Grass\Turf   Surface type (G/T)  Most non-numerical stats 
Right\Left starter  Opposing starter (R/L) Most non-numerical stats 
R\L pitcher   Opposing pitchers arm Most non-numerical stats 
All player records  None    Most non-numerical stats