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Scoring a Strikeout

There are 2 ways to score a strikeout in BallScore, the standard method and the generic method.

Standard Method

To record a strike press the S key or click the button on the toolbar. When the set number of strikes has been reached the Strikeout dialog will appear. Select the type of strikeout and press Enter or click the Ok button. You will then be presented with the Putout, Assist & Error screen to record any putout, assists or errors on the play. A putout for the catcher is the default. If a runner was thrown out trying to steal second on the strikeout then check the Runner caught stealing box. The runner will be credited with a Caught Stealing and the team will be credited with a doubleplay.

Generic Method

To record a generic strikeout click the button on the toolbar or press the [ key. No other prompts will be presented and the catcher will be credited with a putout.