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Re-Importing a BallScore scoresheet

Always create a league backup before using this function

If you have a scoresheet that was already exported from BallScore but you need to replace it with an updated scoresheet then follow the instructions in the order below.

1) Delete the original scoresheet from BallStat (Edit/Delete/Games from the main menu). Do not purge the deleted game yet!

2) Start BallScore, load the scorebook you want to re-export, make any needed changes then export the scoresheet again.

3) Select Database/Maintain database from the main BallStat menu.

4) Select the team and the deleted scoresheet you want to replace by clicking the appropriate button.

5) Select the game you re-exported from BallScore by clicking the appropriate button. This game will typically have the same date as the deleted scoresheet.

6) Click the Move game button.

You can now safely purge the deleted game by clicking the Purge deleted games from team button then selecting the team you want to purge. 

Unless the game you moved was the last game played for the team, you will also need to re-calculate player streaks. 

1) Click the Check tab.

2) Click Re-calculate streaks for team then select the team.