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MaxPreps Export File

BallScore now supports exporting game stats to be used for the web site. This prevents you from having to enter all your stats at MaxPrep manually. 

MaxPrep uses a players jersey number to identify each player. The jersey number you use in BallScore has to match exactly the jersey number you use at 

Make sure you have ended a game before exporting to make sure all wins, losses, saves, complete games and shutouts have been assigned to the correct players. When you are ready to export select File/Create a MaxPreps export file from the main menu.

Check all the stats you wish to export then click the Create export file button. It is recommended that you use the default filename that is supplied by BallScore to make sure each game is saved to its own file. If you play the same team on the same day then place a 2 in the second games filename right before the .txt file name extension. After pressing Save the export file will be created. The default folder that will be used to save the export file will be your league's Exported Scorebooks folder. You may however change this folder to whatever folder you'd like.