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Warnings & Indicators

When scoring a game with BallScore there are warnings and indicators displayed on the right side of the scoresheet. Below are descriptions of each warning/indicator that can appear.

See also:  Scoring errors & fixes

You can turn each warning/indicator on or off by selecting File/BallScore properties then clicking the Fonts/Cell tab.

Location - This warning appears if you have not yet selected a location for the current game.

Balance - One of these 3 warnings will appear depending on whether the Home scoresheet, the Visiting scoresheet or both scoresheets are out of balance. Correct the situation causing the scoresheet to be out of balance and this warning will go away.

Stats - This warning will display one of the following conditions that could cause problems when exporting scoresheets. Correct the displayed condition before exporting. 

1) DUP Entry   Double entry in lineup. 
2) Empty Slot   Illegal Empty slot in lineup.
3) PO != IP   Total putouts do not equal total third innings pitched.
4) NBM in first   A New Batter Marker appears in the first inning.

Team - This warning means that BallScore could not find a matching team in the BallStat database. This can be caused by AutoDetect being turned off or the current team has never been exported to BallStat for the first time.

Cursor - This warning  means the cursor is not on the correct cell that should be scored next. Place the cursor on the correct cell and this waning will disappear.

Defense - This warning will appear if a player appears at more than one defensive position at the same time. The warning will also show what cell contains the first occurrence of the error (Inning:Batter).

To correct the defense when this error appears press X. Place the cursor on the last cell that contains the correct defense then click Copy. Place the cursor on the offending cell then click Paste

Scorebook Not Saved - This icon will be displayed until you save the scorebook for the first time. You should save your scorebook after the game date and both lineups have been set. This will allow BallScore to generate a default filename.

Starting Defense Not Set - This icon indicates that you have not yet set your starting defense. You should be prompted to set the starting defense after your lineup has been set and you leave the RLM. Not setting the starting defense properly can lead to export stats errors and pitching list errors.