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Rebuild League

About rebuilding a league

A new feature of v10.0 is the ability to rebuild a league from scratch using your saved scorebooks (SBK files). 

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to rebuild your league:

You noticed errors in some of your scorebooks that have already been exported to BallStat. You can correct the errors then rebuild your entire league from the beginning. 

A new stat has been added to BallScore since your season began. You can rebuild your league from scratch to take advantage of any new stats. 

Your BallStat database has been corrupted and can no longer be accessed. Rebuilding your league will put the database in its original, or better, state. 

You were using a previous version of BallStat and want to use your current league with v10.0.

You can also check all your scorebooks for common errors before exporting by selecting File/Scorebook functions/Create error log from the main menu. A log will be created noting any errors that need to be corrected before actually exporting your scorebook folder. To see a list of errors that BallScore will check for and possible solutions, see Scoring Errors & Fixes

Rebuilding your league

To rebuild your entire league from scratch using your saved scorebooks you need to do the following:

Make sure all your scorebook files are in the correct folder. This folder can be selected with File/BallScore properties/Folders tab. Only scorebooks in this folder will be processed.

Create an error log and fix any scorebooks that contain errors (File/Scorebook functions/Create error log). To see a list of errors that BallScore will check for and possible solutions, see Scoring Errors & Fixes

Create a NEW league in BallStat using the Create New League Wizard or restore an empty backup to your current league if one was created. Exit BallStat.

Change the AutoDetect paths in BallScore to point to your newly created league (File/BallScore properties/AutoDetect tab) if you created a new league.

Make sure that the Export all scorebooks in the export folder (rebuild league) box is CHECKED.

Select File/Export scorebook folder from the main BallScore menu.

BallScore will export each scorebook (both teams), one at a time, until all scorebooks in the scorebook folder have been exported. You will be prompted for team abbreviations, divisions and ballpark names whenever a teams first scorebook is processed. BallScore will ignore whether a scorebook has been marked as already exported and will export ALL the scorebooks in the scorebook folder. For large leagues it may take some time to process all the scorebooks. On average, BallScore will process 1 scorebook every second. After checking and correcting any scorebook errors, you can shorten the rebuild time by turning off all error checks while doing the actual exporting of scorebooks. 

Once your new league is created you can use the Custom Report Maker in BallStat to re-create all your reports.