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Support Screens

Support screens are windows that show data and statistics related to the current game. All support screens can be toggled on and off using the View option from the main menu. Below are descriptions of each support screen.

Scoreboard (Y)
The scoreboard will show the current score by innings plus both teams total runs, hits and errors. This screen is updated in real time.

Lineup/Roster (L)
This screen will show the team at bat's whole roster and lineup. If a player is grayed on the roster then he was already used in the game. This allows you to see which players are available on the bench at a glance. Various options are also available at the bottom of this screen for adding players and inserting players into the game.

QuickScore (Ctrl+Q)
QuickScore allows you to easily score a game using point and click. This will come in handy when scoring a game on paper then copying the paper book into BallScore at home. Most scoring functions and cursor movements are available on the QuickScore screen.

Pitch Count (K)
This screen allows you to see exactly how many pitches, balls and strikes each pitcher has thrown. This screen is updated in real time.

QuickDefense (X)
This screen allows to set your defense one cell at a time. When using QuickDefense a cells defense will always be overwritten when the Set Cell button is clicked. Note that defensive settings are usually set using the Set Defense screen. QuickDefense will be used mostly if you need to do some quick editing after a game or for viewing the current defense during a game.