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Function Keys

The function keys in BallScore now provide a way to quickly score the most common outs. Below are the scoring events associated with each key. Note that this feature has to be turned on by clicking the General tab from the BallScore properties dialog.

F1 13 Ground out to pitcher 
F2 X2 Foul out to catcher
F3 u3 Unassisted ground out to first
F4 43 Ground out to second
F5 53 Ground out to third
F6 63 Ground out to short
F7 F7 Fly out to left
F8 F8 Fly out to center
F9 F9 Fly out to right
F10 Go to menu bar (Standard Windows function)
F11 Sacrifice hit
F12 Set defense

Pressing these keys will ALWAYS score the play as above whether men are on base or not. Do not use these keys if you know you are going to have to change the above putouts or assists.