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Macro Editor

Macro/Edit macro

Use the macro editor to change an existing macro or to create a new macro.

Note: This feature is intended for advanced users. Do not edit a macro that came with BallStat unless you know exactly what you are doing. Changing an existing macro incorrectly can render a report that it is attached to useless.

A macro consists of one or more elements that together manipulate data in memory to fit the requirements of an advanced report. For more information about the different elements available see Working with records. There are 16 different types of elements available for your use:

Sort - This element will sort the records in memory using any stat as a key.

Include - This element will make all records currently in memory active.

Exclude - This element will make all records currently in memory inactive.

Compress - This element will combine all like records on a key that you choose.

The below elements will exclude specific records ( make inactive ) according to minimum and maximum parameters that you supply.

Qualify batting
Qualify pitching
Qualify fielding
Qualify advanced fielding
Qualify miscellaneous
Qualify user-defined

The below elements will exclude specific records according to the situation you choose.

Situation balls
Situation strikes
Situation outs
Situation innings
Situation runners

Last # of games - This element will only include records that occurred in the last number of games that you select.

Each line in the editor can contain one macro element. Any of the buttons on the right side of the editor that you click will always use the currently highlighted element. The buttons included with the macro editor and their functions are described below.

Load - This button will load an existing macro into the editor so you can add, remove or change elements.

Create new - Click this button to start building a new macro from scratch.

Save - This button will save any changes you have made to a macro that was loaded into the editor with the Load button.

Save As - This button will save the elements that are currently in the editor as a new macro.

Edit element - Click this button to make changes to the currently highlighted element.

New element - Click this button to insert a new element into the editor. The new element will be inserted before the currently highlighted element. To insert the new element as the last element in the editor, check the Insert at end box before clicking this button. 

Delete element - This button will remove the currently highlighted element from the editor.