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Division Set Reports

Note that the Custom Report Maker can create Division Set reports automatically.

Division Set reports allow you to create a text report from a standard BallStat report but broken down by divisions. This is like having 2 or more reports in one. For example, you have 2 divisions - North and South. You can create a standard BallStat report that includes all the players in the North division and one that contains all the players in the South division. However, you can't create a report that contains players from both divisions AND separates the players by division. With Division Set reports it is possible to create a text report that does separate the 2 divisions. 

To create a DS report you must first create a division set. 

1) Open the report you would like to make into a DS report then select Reports/Report properties from the main menu. 
2) Click the AutoLoad tab then click the Create a division set button.
3) Select all the divisions you want to include in the report.
4) Enter a title then click Save.

Now you have to attach the division set you just created to the report.

1) Click the Load division set radio button then click the button to the right.
2) Select the division set you just created then click Ok.
3) Click the Ok button at the bottom and save the report.

The saved report will now always be opened as a division set report. In the above example you would see both divisions listed in the report but not separated when the report is first opened. Select Reports/Create a division set report from the main menu. BallStat will then generate a text version of the report but with both divisions listed separately. If the report does not have a DS attached you will be told it is not a DS report.

You can have the text version of a DS report created automatically each time the report is opened with File/BallStat properties/Defaults tab.

The division set you created above can be attached to any Total (CT) or Game (CG) report you like. A DS only needs to be created once. This is also a great solution for creating standings reports which include all the league divisions on one report.