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Scoring Errors & Fixes

Every time you export a scoresheet whether you are using Direct Export or not, BallScore will first check for some common scoring errors before the scoresheet is exported. This will give you the opportunity to fix them before continuing with the export. It is recommended you check all the error options listed under the File/BallScore properties/AutoDetect tab. Below are the errors BallScore will check for and possible solutions.


A NULL Cell is a cell in which the stats for the cell are not assigned to the correct player. A NULL Cell is almost always caused by a mis-placed or wrong type New Batter Marker. A scoresheet with a NULL Cell cannot be exported until the error is fixed. Check all NBM's to make sure the right amount and right type are in place. A Null Cell indicator will appear in the affected cell. If more than one Null Cell indicator appears for the same batting order position start correcting with the left most cell. You cannot turn NULL Cell error checking off.

Wins & Loses

BallScore will issue a warning if a win and a loss are not assigned to any players. The obvious solution here is to press N and select the winning and losing pitchers. BallScore will still report this error in a tie game. In this case just ignore the error and continue with the export.

Balanced Scoresheets

BallScore will issue a warning if either scoresheet is out of balance. 95% of all out of balance scoresheets result from an improper amount of men left on base. Be especially careful when an inning ends on a fielders choice with the bases loaded. You must have 3 men LOB in this situation. If your scoresheet goes out of balance in this situation then edit the cell for the last batter and check the box for 3 LOB's.

You can also set the men left on base for an inning by clicking the RHL indicator at the bottom of the inning you wish to change.

Extra, unsued New Batter Marker

This error usually results from more NBM's than there are occupied slots. Check the scoresheet for the team and batting order position that are reported and take any necessary corrective action. This will be either adding or removing a NBM as the case may be. 

Mis-matched New Pitcher Markers

BallScore will issue a warning if the number of pitchers in the pitching list (Edit/Edit pitching list) does not match the number of NPM's on the scoresheet. The number of NPM's should always be one less than the number of pitchers in the pitching list. If the pitching list is wrong then correct it then select Edit/Re-calculate pitching cells.

Cross Check Statistics

BallScore will perform a number of checks for statistical integrity and report any errors it finds. If an error is reported then scan the 3 BallScore reports to find out why. It will be rare to see this kind of error. The most common cause would be the incorrect editing of a cell.

Pitching List Errors

BallScore will issue a warning if the same pitcher is listed twice or there is a blank selection between pitchers in the list. To correct see the solution for NPM's above. A warning will also be issued if the first pitcher in the pitching list does not have any innings pitched.

Empty Lineup Spots

BallScore will issue a warning if an empty lineup spot is detected. For example, you have 9 batters but no one is batting in the 6th spot an error will be reported. The correction here is to insert the correct player into the lineup. This is an error that should always be fixed. 

Duplicate Lineup Entries

BallScore will issue a warning if the same player is detected more than once in the lineup. Note that this is not always an error as re-entry is handled by BallScore. BallScore will usually just combine the 2 entries into one for stat and boxscore purposes. However, this may not always be the case as you may have inserted the same player into 2 different lineup spots which is illegal by any leagues rules. Note the player reported and take any action necessary.

New Batter Marker in 1st Inning

BallScore will issue a warning anytime a NBM is found in the first inning. Note that this may not be an error is a starting player was removed before he came to bat for the first time. If this is the case then just ignore the error and continue with the export.

Pitcher not in lineup

BallScore will issue a warning if one of the pitchers in the pitching list is not listed in the actual lineup. Although most of the pitchers stats will still exported to BallStat the stats you assign on the End Game screen will not. This includes Wins, Losses, Saves and Blown Saves. Use the RLM to place the pitcher at the bottom of the lineup in batting order position #20.