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Recap Reports

Recap reports give a brief synopsis of a game including the date, teams, linescore, winning and losing pitchers and a few other stats. An example recap is shown below. You can create several different types of recaps such as:

1) A single game recap.
2) All game recaps for a single team.
3) All game recaps for every team in the league.
4) Daily recaps which is all games played on a specific date.

You can select which stats to display and which database to use by selecting File/BallStat properties/Recaps from the main menu.

To create recaps select Reports/Recaps from the main menu.

Note: There are a few requirements for creating recaps:

1) You must track stats for every team in your league.
2) You must assign a 3 letter abbreviation for every team in your league.
3) The above abbreviation must be the same as the one in the Opponents List.