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Report General Properties

Select the type of border you would like for the report.

Select the top/bottom and right/left margins for screen and printer reports. If you are using a border then both margins should be at least 1/4 inch.

Check the Title or Stat box to have related text appear with a shadow.

Check Portrait to have a printed report appear with the long length of the paper up and down. Checking Landscape will print the report with the long length of the paper going right and left.

Check the appropriate box to display a status line at the bottom of the report, display all stat totals at the bottom of the report or to display a legend at the bottom of the report. A legend will give a brief description of each stat in the report.

  Paper width
Select the longest length of the paper you plan to print with. The 3 most common sizes are already provided ( 8.5, 11 ,14 ). For other sizes select Custom then enter the correct size.

Select a scheme ( a set of borders, fonts and colors) to use with the report. All new reports will use the Default BallStat scheme.