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HTML Image Properties

Image Properties allow you to control where a logo appears on an HTML report and to a lesser extent, how it appears. The options available to you are listed below.

Select where you want the image to appear on the report. Left is the default.

  Border Width
The value here determines how wide a border will appear around the image ( in pixels ). Select 0 for no border. 

  Horizontal  and Vertical spacing
This value determines how much empty space will surround the image ( again in pixels ). If either of these values is set to zero then adjoining text will appear too close to the image. A value of 3 works well with images.

  JPEG Output Quality
This allows you to choose between quality and compression for any images that are created for the internet. JPG is the most popular format for internet images. The higher the quality, the larger the file size of the image (100% = no compression, best quality). If you select a higher compression (towards 0 on the slide bar. 0% = maximum compression,worst quality) the quality is worse but the file size is also smaller (much smaller in some cases). You can try different settings to see what setting works best for you. The default setting is 75%.