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HTML Suite Properties

With HTML Suite Properties you can control how Suite Reports will appear. You can choose colors and fonts for different parts of the report and save all of them together as a scheme. You can save an unlimited number of different schemes. All reports will display with the same properties for a uniform look. Turn Suite Properties on by using BallStat Properties and clicking the HTML tab.

  Page properties
Click the Page Bkgrd button to select the color of the report background. Click the Border color button to select the color of the border that will surround the created report. Cell spacing determines the distance between each stat cell in a report. Cell padding determines the distance between the stat text and the wall of its cell. Border size determines the width of the border that surrounds the actual report.

Click the button for the part of the report you want to change the font for. Select the font then click ok. You can ignore the style and size buttons in the font dialog as they are not used with HTML reports. The button will show you the currently selected font. Right beside the font button you can select the size of the font. The values range from 0 to 9 with a normal size being a 2 or 3. 

  Colors and attributes
Click any button to the left of a color bar to set the color for that part of the report. You can also choose wether the font for that part of the report will appear as bold or italic by checking the appropriate box.

You can add comments to all your reports by clicking the Comments button. Comments added here will appear on all reports in addition to the regular comments you may use on standard BallStat reports. You can also set the font, font size, color and attributes for the comment lines. Comments lines can contain any legal HTML code such as links besides regular text.

After you are done with all your settings you can click the Save scheme button to keep your settings for later use. You will be asked to supply a name for the scheme which will then be displayed in the scheme list box. To share schemes with other people use the Import and Export scheme buttons.