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Set user-defined stats

Define up to 24 accumulative stats and 12 derivative stats. You type the stat title for any new stats you want to create here. For example if you want to track how many ground ball chances and how many fly ball chances a fielder has, name one of the fields GBF for ground balls fielded and one of the fields FBF for fly balls fielded. When you enter game stats the new stats will be located under User Stats. Click Save to save your new stats.

NOTE: If you define a derivative stat you will need 2 accumulative stats to calculate the derivative stat. The derivative stat field will show you which 2 accumulative fields to use. 

An accumulative statistic would be Home Runs (HR)  and At-Bats (AB) for example.  Each time you hit a Home Run or was credited with an At-Bat,  your total would increase. A derivative statistic is a statistic derived from  2 or more accumulative statistics. For example, the statistic Home Runs per At-Bat (HRAB) is derived from taking the accumulative  statistics  Home Runs and dividing it into At-Bats. Boxes A-X are accumulative and boxes AA-LL are derivative. Note that the first derivative box is labeled AA=A/B. Using the example above, the A box would have "HR", the B box would have "AB" in it and the AA box would have "HRAB". Use these if you find there are statistics you would like to track that are not included in the program.