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Edit User-Defined Stats

CAUTION: Make sure you know the 2 rules of editing data before saving any changes to disk.

The user-defined stats located here are generated automatically when you enter your games. You can change or even reset these stats but you must be careful. Once you edit these stats the original stat settings will be lost. However, there is another way to find a players totals. Simply load your teams individuals into memory and compress on All player records and you now have each players totals for that database.

  Save - Click the Save button to save your changes to disk.

  Cancel Click the Cancel button to abort any changes you made. Note: this will not cancel any changes you made before pressing the Save button

  Select - Use this button to select another player.

  Database - Use this button to change to a different database. If you select a different database the players stats for the new database will be shown.

  >> - Selects the next player on the roster.

  << - Selects the previous player on the roster.