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Creating a new Leader Report

Note: Leader Reports can now be made automatically with the Custom Report Maker.

To create a new leader report select Leader/Create a new leader report from the main menu.

Steps to setup your new report:

Add or select a data set

Note: If the data set you want already appears in the list then simply select it, you won't need to add it again.

A data set is a file you create that will contain all the stats for a report including each stats qualifier, the columns across each row, the sorting order of each stat and the number of players to include for each stat. You can create as many data sets as you like, however, you can use the same data set in multiple reports. One set may contain batting, another may contain pitching and so on. You'll probably find you will only need 3 or 4 data sets no matter how many reports you create. When saved to disk a data set has to have a .dat extension.

  Adding a data set

To add a new data set click the Add new data set button. Select the stats you want to add to the data set by clicking the appropriate stat button ( Batting, Pitching, etc). Once a stat is added to the Current stats box you can double-click it to change the attributes for that stat. You must choose a setting in the Insert box to determine where your stat will be inserted in the list (Before the highlighted stat, after the highlighted stat or at the end of the list).

Select how many columns you want in each row and how many players you want to appear for each stat (1-50). If you only want to include a players first name initial check the Use players first initial only box.

  Selecting the player data to load (AutoLoad)

Click the AutoLoad tab to associate a team, division or entire league with this report. If you choose a single team or a single division then you must also click the appropriate button to select the team or division. Select the database you wish to use or select to merge all databases.

  Other Properties

You can click any of the remaining tabs to set any other report properties that you wish. Remember you can always come back and change any properties later by opening the report and selecting Leader/Setup leader report from the main menu. For more information on the other tabs see Report Properties.

  Finishing setup

When you are finished making any changes click the Ok button at the bottom. You will be prompted for a filename for your data set if you are creating a new one. Use a descriptive filename in case you want to use the data set for other reports. If you selected a data set instead of creating a new one then no prompt will appear.

Customize your leader report

Change the report title and comments to reflect the actual content of the report. You can also change the spacing between each column and the spacing between a stat and its value by selecting  Leaders/Adjust columns from the main menu. Buttons also appear on the toolbar for this purpose. If you want a teams 3 letter abbreviation to appear after each platers name use Leaders/Toggle team abbreviation from the main menu.

When you are done making changes to your report you must save it to disk. Select Leader/Save leader report from the main menu. You will be prompted to enter a filename for the report. Use a descriptive name making sure the report ends with the .ldr extension.

The next time you want to open a report use Leaders/Open leader report from the main menu or click the file folder icon on the bottom toolbar.