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Maintain Database/League Id's

Assigning League Id's (LI) are included in versions 9.09.12 and later. The League ID System (LIDS) is needed to combine stats for players who have played for more than one team during a season. However, they are used only for league stat and league leader reports as they are not needed for team reports. Starting with leagues created with 9.09.12 and later LI's are created automatically and there is nothing you have to do except turn the LIDS on (Maintain database/League Id's tab). 

Note: You must have a league currently open to assign League Id's

Versions earlier than 9.09.12
If you created a league with an earlier version of BallStat then you should use the Assign League Id's function if needed. Using this function will create a unique Id for every player in the league. If a player has already played for more than one team he will have 2 different Id's assigned to him ( 1 for each team ). You will have to edit one of his Id's so that both Id's are the same. Note what the 2 Id's are then see how to edit a players Id below.

Note: Do not use the League Id System without indexing an old league or one player will receive the entire leagues stats because every player has an Id of 0 and all the zeros will be combined!

  Editing a player League Id
Note: Depending on the version of BallStat you are using, BallStat may find all players that need editing automatically. If you let BallStat search it will make all the edits for you and there is nothing else you have to do.

To edit a players LI select Edit/Player personals from the main menu and select the team and player you wish to edit. Click the Edit Id button then enter the Id that is different from the one already displayed. Click Ok

Example: Joe Smith played for 2 different teams during the season. After assigning League Id's you note that Joe has an Id of 34 for one team and 157 for the other team. If you choose to edit the team with the Id of 34 then you would change it to 157. Joe now has an Id of 157 for both teams so his stats for both teams will be combined for league stat and league leader reports.  

Versions  9.09.12 or later
If you created a league with version 9.09.12 or later then League Id's are handled automatically so there is nothing you have to do except turn the LIDS on if needed (Maintain database/League Id's tab). .

  Assigning League Id's
You can assign League Id's by clicking the Assign League ID's button. This process will only take a few seconds for a medium sized league.

Note: You can not control what team will display for a player who has had his stats combined. It will however be one of the teams he has played for.