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Maintain Database/Backup and Restore

Backup files are created in standard zip format and can be opened outside of BallStat if needed. This makes it easy to transfer entire leagues from one computer to another.

  To backup a league:

1. Select Database/Backup current league from the main menu.
2. Click the Backup button.
3. Browse to the folder or drive you wish to store your backup file on.
4. Enter a filename for this backup and click Save.

  To restore a league:

1. Select Database/Restore current league from the main menu.
2. Click the Restore button.
3. Browse to the location of the backup file you wish to restore and select it. Click Open.

  To transfer a league from one computer to another:

1. BallStat must be installed on both computers.
2. Make a league backup on the current computer.
3. Transfer the backup file to the new computer and unzip the file.
4. Run BallStat on the new computer and select File/Open league from the main menu.
5. Browse to the .lge file located where you unzipped the backup file and select it.
6. Click Open, close BallStat then re-start BallStat (BallStat may re-start automatically).