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Maintain Database/Change Records

It is recommended that you make a league backup before using any of the functions below.

  Merge 2 players into 1

Use this function if you accidently created the same player twice (with different spellings) with BallScore and the player was imported twice into the BallStat database. Click all 3 buttons in order.

1. Select the team which contains both players.
2. Select the player you want to keep.
3. Select the player you want to remove.
4. Click the Merge button.

All the player at bats from the remove player will be assigned to the keep player. All the totals from the remove player will be added to the keep player. The remove player will be deleted then purged from the team. Once this function is complete the removed player cannot be recovered.  


  Change database associated with a game

1. Click the Select team button and select the team that contains the game to change.
2. Click the Select game button and choose the game to change.
3. Click the Select database button and choose the new database for the game.
4. Click the Process button.

All player individuals, total and game records will be changed to the new database.

  Update games played for a team

Select the team to update. This function will read all individual files for the selected team and update the Games Played for each player. 

  Transfer estimated Innings Played to actual Innings Played

BallScore now tracks Innings Played using the MLB method. The MLB method credits a fielder with one-third inning played for each out recorded while he was on the field playing defense. The old method used an estimated formula where a player got credit for an inning played even if no outs were recorded while he was in the field.

This function can be used to transfer innings played under the old method to innings played under the new method. Part of the innings played will still be estimated but this function can be useful if you're already in the middle of a season. Note that a pitcher's innings played will be totally correct even after the transfer simply because it will be the same as his innings pitched.

  Rebuild Total database from Individual database

Select the team to rebuild. This function will use every players individual files to create a new total file for each player. Always do a league backup before using this function.