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Editing Individual Player Data
Editing data the correct way

Data imported from BallScore is stored on an at-bat basis. When you edit data for a player you must be sure to edit the correct at-bat whenever possible to ensure the database is correct to calculate different statistics. Below are the steps you need to correctly edit a player's data in BallStat. 

By editing data at the at-bat level, player season totals and team game totals will be updated automatically.


There are 3 ways to edit a players data within BallStat:

1. Selecting Edit/Player personals, stat totals and individuals from the main menu.

2. Clicking the Edit player individuals button on the EasyStart menu.

3. Clicking the EDIT button on the toolbar.

The preferred methods (and easiest) are numbers 2 and 3 which will be followed below. 


After clicking the button above, select the team you want to edit.


Select the player to edit


Select the at-bat to edit


Consider the Edit Player screen to be divided into 2 sections as below:

You will only want to edit the data on the bottom half of the screen by clicking the appropriate button. The data on the top half of the screen is common to every player who played in this game. To change any data on the top half of the screen you would want to edit the Game (Edit/Game from the main menu), not the player. This way the data on the top half of the screen will be changed automatically for every player who played in the game.