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Advanced Fielding Statistics

Note: Advanced fielding stats use the MLB method of calculating Innings played. A fielder is credited with one-third inning played for each out that was recorded while he was on the field. With this method each positions total Innings Played will equal the team's total Innings Pitched. 

Both methods can be selected for reports using Advanced fielding stats. The estimated stats (eIP,eRF) will always begin with a lowercase e. Estimated Innings Played will generally give a player credit for an inning played as long as he was on the field sometime during an inning even if an out was not recorded.

All the fielding statistics below are available for each player at each position.

IP Innings played (MLB method)
eIP Innings played (estimated)
PO Put outs
A Assists
FE Fielding errors
TE         Throwing errors
E Total errors
PB Passed balls
RTO Runners thrown out
OSB Opponents stolen bases
DPI Double plays involved with
FLD% Fielding percentage*
RTO% Runners thrown out percentage*
RF Range factor (MLB method)
eRF Range factor (estimated)