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AutoDetect/Displaying Season Stats in BallScore

  Team match

In order to display season stats in the data display windows you must have AutoDetect turned on. Whenever you open a roster in BallScore, AutoDetect will try to locate a team with the same name in the currently specified BallStat database. If a match is found then the indicator on right side of the scoresheet will disappear.

There can be 2 reasons why this No Match indicator appears:

1) The BallScore team has never been exported to BallStat before. In this case the team and all the players will be created when you export the scoresheet to BallStat (if you are using Direct Export).

2) You have changed the spelling of the team name in either BallStat or on the BallScore roster. Both spellings must be the same. Edit one or the other so both team names are the same. After editing the team name you may have to save the scorebook then re-load it back into BallScore. AutoDetect will then find a match and your season stats will now display.

  Accessing Season Stats

In addition to displaying season stats in the data display windows there are a few other ways to access more advanced season stats.

1) From the Stats menu item on the main menu. From here you can select to view the teams Complete Teams Batting History or the teams Batting History vs Current Opponent. With either report you can double-click a players name to view the results of every plate appearance the player has for the entire season or against the current opponent.

2) From within the RLM you can:

a) Click the Team Batting button to display the entire teams season batting stats. 
b) Select a player on the roster then click the Pitching History button to view every game the selected player pitched in.
c) Click the Batting History vs Current Opponent to view every players plate appearances against the current opponent.

3) From within the Insert New Pitcher dialog you can select a player then click the Pitching History button to view the players pitching stats for every game he pitched in.