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Setting Hit Locations in BallScore in BallScore

To enable Hit Locations you must check the Allow right mouse clicks to set hit locations under BallScore Properties/General tab.

To set the hit location for a cell:

  With a mouse

Place the mouse cursor at the correct location in the cell and right click. Hit locations can be set at anytime regardless of which cell the cell cursor is currently located on. 

When you right click:

The default is a line drive (Blue)
Hold the shift key down to designate a fly ball (Red)
Hold the ctrl key down to designate a ground ball (Green)

If you don't want to separate the 3 types of hits then use line drive all the time (no keys down). 

To delete a hit location, place the cell cursor on the correct cell and press delete. To delete all hit locations select Special/Delete all hit locations from the main menu.

  Without a mouse

Press Z on the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move the cross hairs to the correct hit location. Press enter to accept while holding down the shift or ctrl key if needed. Press esc to abort without setting a hit location..