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Cell Toggles

Use cell toggles to quickly change certain scoring events. Place the cursor on the cell to toggle then click the appropriate button below. Remember to move the cursor back to the current batter after you toggle!

This button will toggle the side of the plate the batter is batting from. The batter is represented by a black dot near home plate. BallScore will usually take care of the plate side automatically but this button provides a manual way of changing the plate side.

This button will toggle the earned run/unearned run maker on a cell. If the cell already contains a run scored then the unearned run state will place a black cross-hair on the orange scoring diamond. If a run has not scored you can still mark a cell as unearned it case the run does score later. The cell will be marked with an orange triangle in the upper left corner of the cell.

This button will toggle between a regular Base on Balls and an Intentional Base on Balls.

This button will toggle between a swinging strikeout and a called third strike.