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New Batter Markers

New Batter Markers (NBM) are used by BallScore to separate stats for players who bat in the same batting order position (BOP). If a BOP only has one player batting in it for the entire game then a NBM is not needed. BallScore usually places NBM's for you but sometimes you'll have to do it manually. NBM's can be inserted manually from the main Edit menu.

Below are some examples of how to use New Batter Markers.

In the above example Garcia will be assigned the first 3 plate appearances. The NBM then tells BallScore to start assigning any PA's after the NBM to Raines.

The above example is a little more complicated. Friend gets the first 2 AB's. Fondy gets the pinch hit AB in the 6th. Swanson gets the empty cell in the 7th so he didn't bat. Smith gets the pinch hit AB in the 8th. Douglas would get the rest of the AB's if there are any.

BallScore also can us Double and Triple New Batter Markers. A DNBM will ignore a player in a slot and a TNBM will ignore 2 players. Below are some examples of these 2 markers.

Above we have Brooks getting the first 2 AB's. Ackers gets the empty cell in the 5th so he didn't bat. Kluszewski gets the pinch hit AB in the 6th. Shanchez gets the empty cell in the 7th because he didn't bat. Amor didn't bat either but we can't use a regular NMB in the 8th or he will get the AB. We use a DNBM which will skip Armor completely and give the AB in the 8th to Lynch. Freeman would get any other AB's in the game (if any).

Triple New Batter Markers work the same way only they skip 2 players instead of the one in the above example.