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BallScore Reports


BallScore contains 3 reports that can be displayed anytime during a game. Each time a report is opened it will show the current game data. All 3 reports can be found on the Report  menu. The 3 HTML versions can also be created from the Report menu.

Box score   (press the 1 key) 
This is a standard box score showing both teams current batting and pitching statistics.

Composite   (press the 2 key)
This is a more detailed statistical report that shows most standard batting and pitching stats for both teams.

Situations   (press the 3 key)
This report shows all the situational batting and pitching stats for both teams. 

When exporting a scoresheet all 3 reports are generated new and saved to disk in the folder specified with File/BallScore Properties/Folders tab.

On some systems ( Win2000 and WinXP ) you may have to tell BallScore where to find the program to use for viewing reports. Select Edit/External viewer from the main menu and browse to the file ( .exe ) you want to use for viewing reports. For Win9x the default is NotePad ( notepad.exe ). You may use any text editor that accepts text files.