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Ending a Game

BallScore will detect the end of a game and offer you a chance to use the Game Over dialog. To end a game yourself press N or select File/End game from the main menu.

BallScore will parse both scoresheets and check for empty slot errors. If any empty slot errors are found then select Yes to have BallScore automatically fix all empty slot errors.

The Game Over dialog is used to set the winning pitcher, losing pitcher, saves, blown saves or holds. You can also use this screen to set umpires, game location and game conditions. This screen can be used anytime during a game but is normally used when the game is over.

Check the appropriate pitchers for each team for any of the above stats.

Complete games, shutouts and team shutouts are tracked automatically by BallScore.

Click Done when all choices are set. The scorebook will be automatically saved if you previously saved the scorebook. If not you will be prompted for a file name to save the scorebook as.