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Inserting players with On The Fly

When scoring OTF you insert players into the lineup by pressing Shift+L. This will insert the player at the batting order position where the cursor is located. The player will always be inserted into the first slot. If a roster is already loaded then select the player (and his position if known) and click Ok. If you are starting with an empty roster then follow these steps:

1. Select the first empty spot on the roster then click Edit player.
2. Enter the player information you know then click Save.
3. Enter a file name for your roster making sure it ends with the .ros extension  and click Save ( this step will not be needed if your roster has already been saved ).
4. Make sure the correct player is selected (and his position if known) then click Ok.

The player will now appear in the lineup. All previous and current stats will now be credited correctly to this player. Defensive stats will also be credited if his position was selected. 

Please read the below notes for this function:

1. Do not use this function to insert players after the entire lineup has been set.
2. If a players position is not known when you insert him then you must eventually insert the player again with his position. Use the same method as above, the correct player will already be selected.
3. Once a player is inserted with his position all batting and fielding stats will be credited to the correct player.