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Putout, Assists & Errors

If an out was made on a play ( including strikeouts ) you will have to fill out the PAE screen to assign put outs, assists or errors. Many times the selections you want will already be filled in and all you have to do is press Enter. The left column is where you select either a PO, A or E. The right column is who gets assigned the PO, A or E. Up to 10 PO, A or E can be assigned for each play.  Press the first letter or number of your action or fielder to make a selection. For example to quickly make selections for the double play : ground to short to second to first (643) the key sequence would be:


After scoring the batter you will have to score or place any runners on base. This is done with the Runner Advancement Screen. Remember that a batter does not become a runner until he has been scored and reached base safely.

When the third out of an inning is made the scorebook will automatically switch to the other team.