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BallScore AutoDetect/Export Properties

If you are going to use the Direct Export method of exporting stats to BallStat (recommended) then you must use the following settings:

1) Enable AutoDetect must be CHECKED
2) Use Direct Export to BallStat must be CHECKED
3) A primary BallStat league MUST be specified

These settings are explained below.

  Enable AutoDetect (CHECK is the recommended state)

AutoDetect allows BallScore to load stats from a BallStat database that you specify. It does this by checking for player and team matches and warns you if matches are not found.

Team matches - Every time you open a roster or load a previously saved scorebook, BallScore will attempt to find a match using the team name in BallScore and the team name in the specified BallStat database. If a match is found the Stats box above the scoresheet will be green. This Stats box will remain red is no match was found.

Player matches - Use the Roster & Lineup Manager (RLM) to check for player matches. If the warning box below the roster list in the RLM is green, then matches have been found for every player on the BallScore roster. If it is red then one or more players do not have a match and those players will have an asterisk beside their names. These players will always be added to the BallStat roster as new players when exporting the scoresheet (if you are using Direct Export).

  Use Direct Export to Ballstat for scoresheets (CHECK is the recommended state)

Direct Export allows you to have BallScore manage all the tasks of creating teams, players and most other data. When using this method you never have to use BallStat to do these tasks. Also, with this method the matching of data in BallStat becomes obsolete as SBX files are no longer used.

  Primary league to export stats to (MUST be specified)

Select the league you created in BallStat where you want to save all data exported by BallScore. This is the league where AutoDetect will look for teams and player stats and where Direct Export will save teams, players and many other types of data.

  Secondary league to export stats to (OPTIONAL - no selection is recommended)

Only select a league here if you need to export each scoresheet to a different BallStat league. This is rare and it is recommended that no selection be made here.

  Data check options (ALL CHECKED is recommended)

Check all the items you want BallScore to check BEFORE exporting the scoresheet. This allows you to make corrections directly to the scoresheet then try the export again. This will greatly reduce the need to make edits in BallStat. It is recommended that you check all the items listed here.

  Batch Export Options (UNCHECKED is recommended unless rebuilding a league from scratch)

Normally this box should be unchecked so BallScore can check whether or not a scoresheet was already exported. If you attempt to export a previously exported scoresheet you will be warned. If this box is checked then you will NOT be warned. Check this box when you want to re-build a league from scratch. The sorting method can be left on Alphabetically for almost all user systems