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BallScore Fonts/Cells Properties


There are 4 different fonts you can change with BallScore. Click the appropriate button to change the font you want.

  Player name font
This is the name of all players shown on the scoresheet.

  Play description font
This is the play description shown at the top of a cell: 1B,2B,BB,63, etc.

  Runner description font
This is the description of how a runner advances around the bases: SB,CS,WP,PB,etc.

  Inning header/footer font
This sets the font for the inning number and R-H-LOB text at the bottom of each inning. 

Cell options

  Scoring cell width - The width of each scoring cell in pixels
  Lineup cell width - The width of the player name slots on the scoresheet

When changing the scoring cell width you will more than likely have to select a different font size.

This chart will show you how many cells will show at different resolutions using the Normal Lineup cell width.

If using the Narrow Lineup cell width then add 1 inning.
If using the Wide Lineup cell width then subtract 1 inning. 
If using the Extra Wide Lineup cell width then subtract 2 innings. 
If using the Super Wide Lineup cell width then subtract 3 innings.  

800x600 resolution
Cell size
78 pixels =  7 innings X 4 players
72 pixels =  8 innings X 5 players
66 pixels =  9 innings X 5 players
60 pixels = 10 innings X 6 players
54 pixels = 11 innings X 7 players
48 pixels = 13 innings X 7 players
42 pixels = 16 innings X 9 players

1024x768 resolution
Cell size
78 pixels = 10 innings X  7 players
72 pixels = 11 innings X  7 players
66 pixels = 12 innings X  8 players
60 pixels = 14 innings X  9 players
54 pixels = 15 innings X 10 players
48 pixels = 18 innings X 11 players
42 pixels = 21 innings X 13 players

  Lineup cell width
Narrow = 2 X Scoring cell width
Normal = 3 X Scoring cell width
Wide   = 4 X Scoring cell width
Extra Wide   = 5 X Scoring cell width
Super Wide   = 6 X Scoring cell width

Select Super Wide to display all 8 batting slots with jersey and position.

Note: Whenever a new setting is selected it won't show until the next time you start BallScore

Sticky Notes

You can choose to view certain sticky notes on the right side of the scoresheet that show alarms or other information you may need. Each sticky note is described below.

  Cell Alarm System
This sticky note should always be turned on to alert you that the cursor in not on the next batter to be scored. The Use Cell Alarm System above should also be turned on.
See Warnings & Indicators

  Batters faced
Use this sticky note if you use a Batters Faced limit with your starting pitcher. 

  Balance Information
This sticky note should always be turned on to alert you as soon as either scoresheet goes out of balance. This will allow you to find the problem right away and correct it. Use the backspace key to undo the last play and try another way of scoring the play.
See  Warnings & Indicators

  Pitch Count
This sticky note will allow you to easily view the starting pitchers pitch count. A pitch count threshold can also be set on the Innings/Count tab. This note is usually green but will turn yellow when a pitch count is within 10 pitches of the threshold. When the pitch count reaches the threshold this note will turn red.

  No Team Match
See Warnings & Indicators

  Failed stat check
See  Warnings & Indicators

  No Location Set
See Warnings & Indicators

  Defensive duplicate warning
See Warnings & Indicators

Troubleshooting Mode
This mode allows you to quickly scan the scoresheet for common scoring mistakes. Each cell will show the following information while this mode is turned on.

Putouts recorded in cell (lower left corner)
Third innings credited to pitcher (lower right corner)
Pitcher (first 4 letters of last name in the middle of the cell)
Green Border (for all innings with an End of Inning marker)

The above information allows you to troubleshoot stat errors and pitching list errors.