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BallScore Editor Properties


  Use BallStat/BallScore Editor for Reports
Check this box to use BallScores built-in editor for all reports. If this box is left unchecked then you may have to tell BallScore which editor to use by selecting Edit/External viewer from the main menu.

  Use RTF Box scores
If you want your Box scores created in Rich Text Format then check this box. RTF allows you to changes colors, fonts and other attributes of your text. You must use an RTF compliant editor to use this feature. WordPad is one such editor as is BallScores own built-in editor. 

  Use Bold Headers in RTF Box scores
Checking this box will use a bold font for certain headers in box score reports when using the RTF option above.

  Maximize editor when opened
Check this box to have the BallScore editor open in full screen mode. You may also click the Browse button and browse the executable (.exe) file you want to use.

  Path to alternate editor
Type in the path to an alternate editor to use when displaying BallScore reports.

  Use Windows default text viewer
If this box is checked then BallScore will use the text viewer that is associated with text files on your system.