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BallScore Inning/Count Properties

Balls & Strike Properties

  Strikes for Strikeouts
Select how many strikes are needed before a strikeout occurs. The default is 3. If you are not interested in tracking balls and strikes then you may want to set this value to 1.

  Balls For Walk
Select how many balls are needed before a walk occurs. The default is 4. If you are not interested in tracking balls and strikes then you may want to set this value to 1.

  Use Colored Balls and Strikes
Check this box to use colored coded balls and strikes. If this box if unchecked then all balls and strikes will show as gray blocks. When using colored strikes all strikes will be dark blue unless the very first pitch was a strike in which case they will all be light blue.

  Use Small Balls and Strike Scoring Blocks
Check this box to make the balls and strikes blocks appear smaller. This will free up more cell space for scoring descriptions. 

  Prompt For Intentional Base On Balls
Check this box to be prompted if a walk is intentional or not. If this box is unchecked you will have to edit the cell to change a walk to an intentional walk.

  Pitch Threshold
If your pitchers are limited to a certain number of pitches per game then enter that limit here. You'll also have to enable the sticky note for pitch counts under Properties/Fonts-Cells. 

Innings to Display Properties

  Innings to display
Select how many innings you want to display on the scoresheet beyond the current inning. Setting this number to a low number will dramatically improve the speed in which BallScore redraws the scoresheet. This number may have to be increased if you have a large number of bat-arounds.

  Normal Game Length
Select the normal length of a game in your league. This setting will be used to calculate certain stats in BallScore

  Normal number of batters in lineup
Select the usual number of batters in a lineup in your league. This setting will determine when the cursor returns to the top of the lineup.