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BallScore Folder Properties

Select the default folders to store:

It is recommended that you set all folders to the league default when starting a new league.

  Scorebook files - This folder serves several purposes. It is where BallScore will look to open and save scorebook files. It also contains all the scorebooks (SBK files) that will be used when rebuilding a league or batch exporting scorebooks. Only save scorebooks in this folder that belong to the league that BallScore is currently exporting to.

  Imported scoresheets - SBX files exported by BallScore. These files are not used when using Direct Export in BallScore

  Team Rosters - This is where BallScore will look to load and save rosters.

  BallScore Reports - This is the folder where BallScore will save the boxscore, composite and situational reports that it generates during an export.

Click the Select folder button and browse to the folder you want. The paths you select for Exported scoresheets and BallScore Reports will also be used by BallStat.