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BallScore General Properties

General options

  Display Undo Action
Checking this box will remind you which action is being undone when you click the Undo button. When unchecked the undo will occur without notification.

  Use Players First Initial in Reports
Check this box to include all players first name initial in reports.

  Use Runner Advancement Description
Check this box to have BallScore place descriptions for how a runner advanced to each base in all cells. To comply with MLB rules you should keep this box checked.

  AutoDetect End of Game
When checked, this will allow BallScore to automatically detect when a game is over. For this to work properly you must set Normal Game Length below.

  Hide extra defensive player
Check this box if you are using 9 man defenses. This will hide the 10th man on the Set Defense dialog.

  Show batter side of plate marker
Uncheck this box if you are not interested in left/right batter/pitcher splits.

  Automatically track FB & GB for pitcher and batter
When this box is checked BallScore will track flyball and groundball outs for both the batter and pitcher.

  Show FB & GB in scoring cells
Check this box to display the FB and GB in the scoring cells. Note that you can still track them automatically even if they are not displayed.

  Disable grid lines in list boxes
Checking this box will to turn off grid lines in all list boxes. When using Windows XP with a manifest file you will notice the grid lines don't scroll properly when using the arrow buttons on the scollbars. Paging will also not work properly. This is a bug in the Microsoft Common Control file which they have yet to address. If this bothers any users they can simply turn the grid lines off. Note that grid lines could always be turned off with BallStat by selecting Properties/Misc tab.

Another alternative is to leave the grid lines on and turn off smooth scrolling with Windows XP (Start/Control Panel/Display Icon/Appearance tab/Effects Button/Uncheck [Use the following transition ...]).

  Spaces to pad name
This setting determines how many extra spaces will be inserted between a players name and his stats in a boxscore.

  Use final disposition of batter for ROB stats
Check this box to use where the batter ended up on base to determine the Runners on Base stat.

  Show game time
Check this box to show the game timer each time BallScore starts.

  Use function keys F1 thru F9 as QuickOuts keys
Normally the function keys are not used in BallScore. Check this box to use the function keys as a quick way of scoring outs. 

  Use called third strike instead of looking
The default is to use KL when a batter strikes out looking. You can change this to Kc by checking this box.

  Exclude pitch count from boxscore
If you do not wish to have each pitchers pitch count show on the boxscore then check this box.

  Exclude weather conditions from boxscore
If you do not wish to show weather conditions on the boxscore then check this box.

  Disable sound
Check this box to turn all BallScore sounds off.

  Do not show runner screen if third out was already made
Check this box to have BallScore flip to the other team without showing the runner placement screen if the third out was already made.

  Disable ratings
Right now this box should always be checked.

  Turn off file I/O notification messages
Check this box only if you know any file I/O messages you are receiving are not affecting the operation of BallStat. This box is normally checked.

  Use high resolution buttons
Check this box if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista.

  Prompt for date when starting a new game
If you want BallScore to ask for the game date at the start of each new game then check this box..

  Disable automatic restart
Check this button if BallStat has trouble restarting after creating, opening or restoring a league.

  Use alternate defense screen
Checking this box will result in a smaller, more compact Set Defense screen.

  Flip scorebook automatically after 3rd out
If for some reason you don't want BallScore to flip the scorebook automatically then check this box.

  Show fielding totals in ratings window
Check this box to have BallScore total the team and infield ratings and show them on the ratings windows. This assumes you are using fielding ratings.

  Use 4 tier name matching when exporting
This box should normally be checked for compatibility with older versions of BallScore. If you are starting a new league then you can uncheck this box for more strict name matching.

  Show each cells pitch count
Check this box to show the exact number of pitches thrown to each batter.

  Show splash screen at startup
Uncheck this box if BallScore is conflicting with your video card at startup.

  Use large font for scoreboard
Check this box if the font on the movable scoreboard (Y key) is too small.

  Allow right mouse clicks to set hit locations
This box is unchecked by default. If you want to track hit locations then check this box. This will disable selecting a cell with a right mouse click and displaying a popup menu of commonly used BallScore functions. 

  Show flip reminder after PH insertion
Check this box to show a reminder to insert new players on defense after inserting a pinch hitter in the last half inning.

  Check for illegal advancements
Checking this box will let BallScore check for errors on the Advance Runners screen such as 2 runners on the same base.

Printing Options

  Use thin markers
Checking this box will produce New Batter and New Pitcher markers that are half the size of normal markers.

Change this setting if your scoresheets are not filling the entire paper when printing. The default setting is 100%. If your printed scoresheet is only using half the paper then try a setting of 200%. You may need to use a trial and error method until you locate the correct setting for your printer. You can select any setting from 1% to 500%.

  Innings for blank scoresheets
Select the number of innings to print when printing blank scoresheets

Autosave scorebook options

  Do not use Autosave - You will be responsible for saving the scorebook.

  Save after each play - After each event the scorebook automatically saves.

  Save every time the scorebooks flips - Every time the scorebook flips to the other team it will be automatically saved.