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BallStat FTP Properties

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way to upload files from your computer to a server on the internet. In order to use this function you must have space on an internet server that supports FTP. Most large companies such as AOL and Yahoo do support FTP. You have to supply BallStat with the information that it needs to publish files to your server. 
When you publish your files you will be able to see the progress by looking at the message box and the progress bar.

Select File/BallStat properties from the main menu then click the FTP tab.

Fill in the following fields:

  Server domain to publish to

Enter the name of the server you are going to upload your files to. Enter just the domain name ( or IP address ). Do not enter any prefixes ( http://, ftp://, www, etc) or suffixes ( /,  sub directories). 

For example in the following URL, , you would enter only.

  Server subdirectory to publish to

Enter the name of any sub directory you would like to publish your files in. Enter just the sub directory. 

For example in the following URL, , you would enter myfiles/stats only. Do not include any forward slashes (/) except to separate more than one sub directory. If you wanted to publish the files to the myfiles directory you would only need to enter myfiles.

  User name and password

Enter the user name and password that you would normally use to access your account. 

Note for AOL users:

You must be logged into your AOL account to publish with BallStat. This is something that AOL requires.
AOL Setup:
  • Server:
  • Sub Dir:  EX: Stats   or Files/Stats  ( don't use any '/' characters except to separate more than one sub directory.
  • User:     anonymous
  • Password:
  • Lowercase: Check box

      Upload all files to the above server

    Check this box to publish your HTML Queue files to your server every time you run the queue. If you encounter any errors while running the queue check your FTP setup for wrong entries. Remember that your server must support the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 

      Always publish filenames in lowercase

    Some servers require that filenames always be in lowercase. If you find that after you publish your files, the links on the content page don't work, check this box then run the queue again.