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BallStat Folders Properties

With this option you can specify where BallStat will look first for the following file types:

  Imported scoresheets - SBX files exported by BallScore. These files are not used when using Direct Export in BallScore

  BallScore Reports - This is the folder where BallScore will save the boxscore, composite and situational reports that it generates during an export.

  Images - Use this folder to store any image files you use in a report.

  Web pages - This is the folder where the HTML Queue will save all the reports that are created by the queue including the contents page.

  WebBuilder pages - THis is the folder where WebBuilder will save all the pages it creates including leaguemain.htm.

Type in the path for each item or click the Select folder button to browse to the folder you want. The path you enter for Imported scoresheets and BallScore Reports will also be used by BallScore.